Block Paving Driveway in Yate, South Gloucestershire

Block Paving Yate, South Gloucestershire

New block paving for a driveway installed in Yate, South Gloucestershire. Existing driveway was extended with a new edging kerb installed along the dividing line between lawn and driveway. New base was installed which we levelled to the required heights for the new block paving on the driveway. New curved flower beds were installed on the right side of driveway. Aco drains installed at the front of the driveway to handle the surface water.

Driveway itself was installed using a buff coloured paving block installed in a 90 degree herringbone. Border was a charcoal paving block as a header and a single strip of buff in a stretcher bond. Front line between pavement and driveway was split with a new edging kerb benched in behind the Aco drains.



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