Block Paving Driveway in Longwell Green, Bristol

Block Paving Driveway in Longwell Green, Bristol

Here is a highlight of our latest project in Longwell Green, Bristol. Our team at SD Home Improvements has finished a double width block paving driveway there.

Our first steps were to take down the aged front wall, remove the chipped concrete driveway and dig out the old hedging and lawn.

We then proceeded by building new fence on one side of the property. We installed concrete posters for great stability and wooden panels in between.

Afterwards we laid a type 1 membrane and a bed of stone dust as a foundation for the future driveway.

As the driveway is slanted, we had to install new ACO drains around the house to prevent water pooling and possible damage to the outer walls.

The colour combination of choice was Charcoal for the blocks and Light Grey for the kerbing edge.

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