Another Driveway Installation in Yate

Block Paving Driveway in Yate

Another driveway installation completed in Yate, Co. Gloucestershire. A block paving driveway installation where we removed the existing tarmac driveway. New sub base was installed which was vibrate compacted. We installed membrane sheeting which was spread over the driveway to inhibit weed growth. River washed sand was spread over the driveway and screeded to the required water flow levels.

Aco drains were installed at the garage to deal with surface water and a new recessed inspection chamber was installed on the driveway. The recessed chamber was filled with paving in order to disguise the outlook of it and help it blend in with its surrounding. (To remove a paved inspection chamber is very simple in case inspection is required of the sewage system)

Block paving installed in a 90 degree pattern. The driveway had a solid 9 inch charcoal header border. An inside border was done with a 4 inch stretcher bond. The paving was compacted in place with a kiln dried sand brush finish for jointing.


  • Block Paving Driveway in Yate


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