Driveway Installation in Thornbury, Gloucestershire

Thornbury Driveway

Driveway installation in Thornbury, Gloucestershire. Existing tarmac driveway was removed. Driveway area was extended into the lawn area which was lowered in depth to ensure a solid finish. New sub base of Type 1 hardcore was installed which was machine vibrated to a solid finish.

Membrane sheeting was installed to inhibit any weed growth on the new paving installation. Recessed inspection chamber was installed to allow easy to access to sewage while helping it blend in with the paving.

Aco drains were installed at the front of the driveway and piped away to deal with surface water in accordance with SUDS regulations.

Block paving installed in a 90 degree pattern. The driveway had a solid 9 inch charcoal header border. An inside border was done with a 4 inch stretcher bond. The paving was compacted in place with a kiln dried sand brush finish for jointing.


  • Thornbury Driveway
  • Thornbury Driveway
  • Thornbury Driveway
  • Thornbury Driveway


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Rated 5 out of 5
October 4, 2021

Thanks Shawn for a fantastic job. We would like to thank Rhys, Shawn, and of course DD Dan.

Mark Iles