New Driveway Installation in Fishponds, Bristol

Fishpond, Bristol Driveway Installation

Driveway installation completed in Fishponds in Bristol. Converted a front garden area with a concrete pathway and a lawn into a driveway area. We removed the existing area, installed a new base for the lawn area and a new sub base over the entire area. We covered the area with membrane sheeting to inhibit weed growth on the driveway area. Aco drains were installed along the side adjacent to the neighbours to ensure all surface water was drained away safely and would not cause flooding.

We installed a river washed sand which we screeded to required levels for the block paving. The paving was installed in a herringbone pattern with an outside charcoal 9 inch header. Inside paving was a brindle colour. All edges of the paving was benched in concrete to ensure a solid restraint on the driveway area.


  • Fishpond, Bristol Driveway Installation


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