granite paving Bristol

Granite Paving Bristol

Granite paving or granite flagstones as its commonly referred to, make an outstanding choice for any patio. Granite patios are extremely durable, weather resistant, retain their colour and make an excellent surface for walking on all year round. At SD Home Improvements we use only quality paving products from company’s such Marshalls to supply us granite paving in Bristol.

Marshalls ethically sourced fine grained Eclipse granite has a lightly flamed surface texture, offering a stylish and modern patio product with excellent non-slip properties. The hand flaming, gently mottles the surface of the paving whilst coupled with the diamond sawn straight edges of the product gives a real modern aesthetic.

Fairstone Granite Eclipse is now available in 4 colours – Ember plus the existing Dark, Light and Graphite. Create a truly bespoke look through blending the wide range of different sizes and three different colours of Fairstone Granite Eclipse available.

We can joint your granite paved patio with a colour to either tone down the granite or make it really pop out. The pointing finishes  range from standard stroked pointing to birds beak pointing. When we are discussing your patio project with you, we can go through the various granite paving finishes available to you in Bristol.

  1. Its versatility, durability and bold colour make it popular choice throughout a property
  2. The high quality granite is an economical alternative to other sourced granite
  3. It adds prestige to any home in Bristol

We can help design and create a tailor granite patio in Bristol for you today. Call us now to schedule a FREE quotation on installing a granite patio in Bristol. Our prices are very affordable and our workmanship is second to none. We always ensure our installations are done to industry approved standards.


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