Here at SD Home Improvements LTD, we aim to provide a complete block paving service to all our clients in the Bristol area. Here is a selection of the ranges available from Marshalls. They are a quality paving manufacturer that we have worked closely with over many years now. We are an approved installer and have benefited many times from our close relationship with some of the best paving manufacturer’s including Marshalls.

Marshalls block paving is available in a wide range of styles, textures and colours. They are suitable for all sorts of driveways and patios. If you would like to see some examples in person, remind us when we are calling out for a free quotation at your home and we can bring some samples with us.


Well known for quality and durability, Driveline 50 will keep its great looks for years to come. The mix of colours and great value combine to make this the most popular block paving option in Bristol.

Available in a wide range of rich colours, which are consistent right through the block, Driveline 50 Block Paving can be blended together to create new patterns and designs with many other types of paving. Commonly laid in a 45  or 90 degree herringbone pattern style on driveways, patios or pathways.

Tegula Style

With a rugged look, Tegula delivers a more, traditional appearance to any home in Bristol. Tegula combines outstanding aesthetics with strength, durability and strong colour. With multiple colour options and a distinctive edge this makes it ideal for any driveway in Bristol. Most commonly laid on driveways as it is slightly more expensive than block paving.

The Tegula range has three sizes (small, medium and large) within each pack that allows for a random pattern to be laid.


Drivesett Excel and Drivesett Duo

This is a newer range added by Marshalls. With a more rustic feel to it. Textured to give the impression of age and character. This is a multi styled paving block which can be laid in various styles depending on your overall vision for the area. Suitable for driveways and patios. Will make any patio, garden or driveway really stand out in comparison to any other style of block paving. More expensive than either of the above options but in our opinion, if you are looking for something different, this is 100% the best option.


There is many other options available on the market, we have chosen to highlight the more popular ones to give you an idea of the choices and ranges available when you opt for Marshalls paving at your home.

If you are thinking of installing driveway paving in Bristol or on your patio, give SD Home Improvements a call today. Our quotations are free and we provide a step by step breakdown of all the work involved. Get the masters, get SD Home Improvements.


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